Your 5-step guide to hitting your Personal Brand for a home run

I have just returned from a trip to Boston and ticked off one from my bucket list by attending a MLB match at Fenway Park.  It was an amazing experience soaking up the atmosphere and I really enjoyed the pre-match rituals along with all the action including Martinez’s two-run homer

Naturally I thought I could have been a baseball star watching these athletes in action, although appreciate that these world champions are the best of the best and to get to their level takes a lifetime of commitment.

Just like in baseball, if you want to have a successful career you must make a lifetime commitment to developing your Personal Brand.

As a guide, I have put together 5 essential steps to hitting your Personal Brand for a home run.

Step 1: Swing – Take action

You cannot hit a home run unless you first swing.  If you have swung and missed, swing again!

This is by far the most difficult step and you really need to make the effort.

Everyone I speak with who are either looking for a career move, unemployed, or recently graduated, approach the first step with a bit of trepidation.  This is very normal and is often in the form of not knowing what to do, feeling uncomfortable at being judged, and a fear of failing.

For me I am a big believer in that if you don’t change direction you will end up exactly where you are heading. 

To help ease the fear and anxiety, I always recommend doing some research first and to speak with friends and family – a bit like batting practice.

Once you are ready, it’s time to get out there and do something!! 

Step 2: Single – Update your CV

Once you have swung, the next step is to get to first base and to do this you will need to dust off and update your CV.

There’s a plethora of information out there on the do’s and don’ts of CV Writing.  In my experience CV Writing is the most subjective component of a job application, which might sound overwhelming to some, but there are some simple rules to follow. 

If you are unsure of where to start, please take a look at The one CV to rule them all.  This will give you a good starting point and will act as your first base coach.

Step 3: Double – Update your CV and develop a cover letter

Remember the objective is to hit a home run, not to get a single then steal second.

Most employers and job seekers undervalue the importance of a cover letter, yet 99% of job applications require a cover letter.

I always recommend starting with a generic cover letter covering all major points of your career profile and then tailoring it to each job you apply for. 

Too often having to write a cover letter can be the difference between applying for a job and not applying at all.  If you have a starting point prepared you are much more likely to go ahead with the application.

An effective cover letter is concise, avoids clichés, and is personable.

Step 4: Triple – Update your CV, develop a cover letter, optimise your LinkedIn Profile    

In today’s world, optimising your LinkedIn Profile is one of the most powerful tool you can use in hitting a home run with your Personal Brand.

To help you round third, I recently published an article with the help of Chuck Norris as to why you should optimise your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is a magical platform that everyone should use to network, gain insight into your industry, and develop strong relationships with like-minded individuals. 

By optimising your LinkedIn Profile, your whole approach to applying for jobs will change from taking the traditional approach and hoping for the best to employers reaching out to you about positions they have (often not even advertised yet).

Step 5: HOME RUN – Reach out to me

Every great baseball player has a great coach behind him or her.

Whether your goal is to just get off the mark or to hit a home run, I can help provide the tools in developing your swing.

Hitting a home run will look different to each person, and no matter what your end goal is, I can help you to achieve it.  I recently published a case study of a student I have helped to find work experience whilst travelling around Australia

Practice makes perfect.

My last point here is that not everyone is going to hit a home run straight away.  It’s the same with developing your Personal Brand.  It should be viewed as a lifelong commitment with tweaks along the way to perfecting your swing.

To get started in fine-tuning your Personal Brand, get in touch now to go through the tools I can provide you with.

In case your’e wondering the Red Sox won in the 10th innings!!

Have a great day everyone.

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