Seek good counsel and mentoring to take your career to the next level

What makes a good coach great?

1. Accountability
2. Expertise
3. Perspective

Accountability goes both ways. People who use a personal trainer swear by them. Picture a cold rainy Tuesday night and you can’t motivate yourself to go to the gym. Those with personal trainers don’t have that problem as they are accountable to each other to be at the gym at the designated time. The same goes for a career coach. You are both accountable to each other.

You lean on your coach/mentor for their expertise. Your personal trainer is by your side to correct your technique as you train, which minimises injury and maximizes output. Your career coach is there to show you what to work on and how to do it so that you can realise your career ambitions.

A great coach has a vision. Your personal trainer will sit down with you to determine your goals and will then put a long-term plan in place for you to achieve them. You just have to show up twice a week to your sessions and concentrate on that hour, whilst your coach has the long-term goal in-mind.

Your career coach will do the same. Together you set career and life goals and your coach will devise a plan to help you achieve them.

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