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Introducing My Career Snapshot©, a powerful personal marketing tool and novel way to present yourself using metrics

My Career Snapshot©

For the past 6 months, I have had the pleasure to get to know Rex Roy, Founder of My Career Snapshot©, which is a powerful personal marketing tool and novel way to present yourself using metrics.

We have had numerous discussions around personal branding and whether visual tools could be used to supplement your resume and differentiate yourself from other job seekers.  Imagine having a conversation with a key decision-maker and presenting a powerful visual that represents your career.

In a profound way, Rex has created a life-changing tool for job seekers, which I am delighted to share with you.

Rex Roy, helping people get noticed and get hired.

Rex is a professional writer by trade with decades of experience in helping multinational companies to tell their story.  Like 40m other Americans, Rex was made redundant in March 2020. Using his talents as a Creative Director, Rex devised a career infographic to highlight his achievements, which he shared with his business network on LinkedIn.  Rex had a massive response and quickly had an offer for a freelance gig.  

Career experts noticed its potential and encouraged Rex to commercialise it as it could help job seekers to differentiate themselves from others.  As it could help other people in a similar situation, Rex brought in a team of Art Directors to fine-tune the infographic; and together with his creative writing ability, they created a powerful tool to give job seekers the edge they need to get noticed and get hired.

What is a Career Snapshot©?

My Career Snapshot© provides the hook to entice hiring managers and recruiters to want to know more about you.

it’s an affordable way to take your career metrics and convert them into an influential career infographic.  Imagine having all of your career successes visualised as a tool, which can have a massive impact on the hiring process. Hiring managers and key decision makers can get an idea of your career in seconds. 

A powerful addition to your personal branding tools, My Career Snapshot© can be used anywhere including your LinkedIn Profile, your online portfolio/presentation, personal website etc.  Add it to your virtual background when you interview next, or even take it with you to your next interview and use it as a cue for discussions.

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360 Talent Solutions is partnering with My Career Snapshot© 

After 6 months of discussions, I am pleased to announce that 360 Talent Solutions is partnering with My Career Snapshot©! 

To celebrate our partnership, Rex has agreed to provide our 360 community with a unique discount code to get your Career Snapshot.  Let’s chat today about your career and learn how My Career Snapshot© can help take your personal branding to the next level. 

Best of luck and take care,

Dave Crumby

Founder at 360 Talent Solutions |  Affiliate Partner and Business Rep for My Career Snapshot

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