The one CV to rule them all

I was up in the Lake District for Easter, and if you haven’t been, it is one of the most beautiful places in the UK to visit.  It reminds me of Central Otago, New Zealand; especially driving between Grasmere and Keswick, and over the Kirkstone Pass – stunning scenery. 

Actually, it was like driving around Rohan, Middle Earth.

Spending time on walks around such scenery helps you to reflect and I couldn’t help think just how difficult it is for job seekers at the moment to stand out in crowded job markets. 

The big challenge faced by any job seeker today is getting noticed. 


Recruiters (in-house and external) are typically given a list of points for which the hiring manager is looking for.  For example:  

  • someone with a degree
  • has 3-4 years’ experience doing A, B, and C
  • has worked for such and such company

They then take a Tinder-like approach to scanning through dozens of CVs and profiles looking for specific criteria and swiping left to any CVs that they don’t like the look of.  Just as an FYI, the average time a Recruiter scans through a CV is in the seconds.  In fact glassdoor say it is 6 seconds.


In a way Recruiters are like The Eye of Sauron scanning Middle Earth searching for the one CV to rule them all.  Or even like Gollum in search of his Precious.

For most of us, having a CV is a perquisite for applying for a job yet many find writing a CV to be mundane, confusing, and overwhelming

I did some work recently for Tradewind Recruitment, helping to find candidates for the schools of South Yorkshire.  The CVs I received included: handwritten, one-pagers’ with font size 20 in bold, and entire CVs that were bold and underlined  I also recieved CVs that were created using online CV builders; I found these to be disjointed, reformatted, and aesthetically unpleasant.

The Ring was forged to be the most powerful of all Rings; there is no way you will ever stand out if you don’t put the time and effort into writing an effective CV.

What does the One CV to rule all others look like?

Well it depends.  I am a big believer that your CV should be tailored to each position you apply for.  However generally speaking it should have the following:

  • Name & contact details
  • Professional summary
  • Work experience
    • Responsibilities
    • Achievements
  • Education
  • Hobbies

To truly stand out there is so much more you can do ensure the recruiter spends more than 6 seconds and swipes right:

  • Professionally written – no spelling mistakes!
  • Professionally designed and formatted
  • Quantified
  • Job specific content and ATS optimised
  • Links to your LinkedIn Profile and projects worked on

Below is a brief article by TIME with simple points to follow to ensure your CV lasts longer than 6 seconds:

Where does one go to forge their CV?

As most job seekrs don’t have the time or know-how, I have created a one-stop shop for all of your CV Writing needs.

I have years of experience both scanning through CVs swiping left and right, and now work closely with job seekers helping to build their Personal Brand.  To find out more, please take a look through my website:

Have a great day.

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