Are you perusing the job boards this weekend?

The best job search websites for 2021

The most popular job search website for 2021 are:
✔️Google for Jobs

Indeed offers robust search options for all industries and provides search options for internships, freelance, and part-time positions.

LinkedIn job boards provide the best white-collar jobs whilst providing great opportunities to learn about companies through networking.

Glassdoor is perfect for people who want to learn more about a company before applying. The company overview section now provides rich insights provided by employee experiences.

Google Jobs acts as an aggregator and pulls jobs directly from company websites and job boards and therefore provides a quick and efficient job search.

Examples of niche job search websites:
✔️If you work within the life sciences, you may want to consider Emed Careers and Pharmiweb.
✔️UpWork provides opportunities for gig work and projects.
✔️AngelList is great for start-ups and tech.

Whatever websites you choose to use, consider using a mix. Use one of the big 4 listed along with a specific job search website specific to your industry or work function.

Goof luck and take care,

Dave Crumby


Sheffield Talent Solutions

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