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1:1 Career Coaching Programme

Career Accelerator - £796

Take control of your career and accelerate your progression with our 10-week Career Accelerator Programme.

Perfect for career-minded professionals looking for fulfilment in their lives and career. Our holistic approach puts you at the centre of your Career Story, job search, and Career Strategy, as we empower you to take responsibility for your career and future:

✔️ Career Story Accelerate

✔️ Personal Brand Makeover

✔️ Accelerated Job Search Strategy

✔️ Accelerated Career Strategy

✔️ Interview preparation

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Career Refresher - £597

Refresh, reset, and reboot your career with our 6-week Career Refresh Programme.

Designed for ambitious professionals who are early to mid-career that want to advance their careers. Whether you are stuck in a stagnant role, unable to get a promotion or negotiate a better salary, we show you how to take control of your career:

✔️ Career Story Refresh.

✔️ Career Brand Refresh.

✔️ New Search Strategy.

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Career Launcher - £398

Invest in your future and launch your career the right way with our 4-week Career Launcher:

✔️ Career Story Build.

✔️ Career Branding Package.

✔️ Job Search Strategy Introduction.

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Personal Branding

Personal Branding Pack - £399

The ultimate Personal Branding Pack to take your career to the next level:

✔️ Bespoke CV/resume created from scratch, which is ATS optimised and professionally presented.

✔️ Optimised LinkedIn Profile to leverage the power of the most popular networking tool.

✔️Professionally written and designed Cover Letter that will get you noticed.

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My Career Snapshot© - £149

Numbers Speak for Themselves.  And for You.:

✔️ The Career Snapshot© is the award-winning, quick-reading, one-page interactive infographic that supplements your resumé/CV.

✔️ Let numbers tell the story of your individual successes using our graphic resumé-like document.

✔️Career Coaches agree that the addition of a Career Snapshot© infographic to your resumé/CV and cover letter helps you stand out, get noticed, and get hired.

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Virtual Workshops

Interview Workshop - £249

Gain confidence and learn the skills required for successful interviewing with our  Interview Workshop:

  • Successful Interview techniques & strategy.
  • 2 X mock interviews.
  • Feedback, reflection, and recommendations.

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LinkedIn Masterclass - £89

Optimize your career opportunities with our 1-Hour LinkedIn Masterclass.

Sit down virtually with our Founder, Dave Crumby who will take you through our comprehensive 12-point checklist to optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

✔️ Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to attract more opportunities.

✔️ Optimize your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your value proposition.

✔️ Position yourself on LinkedIn as an expert in your specific field.

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