Are you feeling stuck in your career?

There are some fantastic books to help with your career; podcasts however, are current and address challenges people are currently facing.

Hop out this Easter to riveting career podcasts.

Listen to industry leaders as they provide their expertise and recount what their clients are currently experiencing.

There are some fantastic podcasts available to help jumpstart your career, we have shortlisted 3 of our favourites for you to sample this Easter. Put your paws out, ears up, and enjoy:

  1. Career Warrior Podcast
    1. Listen to industry leaders who discuss current trends and challenges in personal branding, job search strategy, and career development.
  2. Squiggly Careers – weekly podcast (UK)
    1. Hosts Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper cover all things work-related and will help you take control of your career development.
  3. Pivot with Jenny Blake
    1. Author, speaker, and Career Coach Jenny Blake shows you how to embrace all the pros and cons of pivoting.

If you like what you are hearing, download further episodes and listen to them on the hop.

What podcasts are you listening to this Easter?

Happy Easter,

Dave Crumby


Sheffield Talent Solutions

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