Is it fair for a computer to accept or reject your job application?

The short answer is … well yes!! Is it the computer’s fault? No!!

Why are computers the new decisionmakers?

Employers large and small are increasingly turning to AI systems to assist in talent acquisition. In fact, its use is expected to double in 2021.

More people are now competing for fewer opportunities and internal hiring teams are being swamped with applications.  An All Bar One in Liverpool reported more than 5000 applicants for a bar role last year. 

Internal teams cannot effectively filter through all of their applications. Therefore, the use of AI decision making throughout the recruitment process is now essential.

What you should not do

The temptation will be to use your CV and apply to numerous positions.  Do not use the same application and resume to apply for multiple positions.  


What can you do?

When applying for a position online:

1. Research the company and role you are applying for.
2. Identify key skills (both hard and soft) required for the position.
3. Include these key skills in your application with examples.
4. Use industry-specific jargon.
5. Avoid abbreviations.

Good luck!! 😎

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