If you have a vested interest in the tech sector, you should read this

I have always been an early riser and was always the annoying one in the office super early and full of beans.  I was up early this morning too and was excited about the fact that I could cast my vote at 7am.

It’s my first time voting here in Sheffield and as I have moved here permanently, I took a lot of interest and seriously considered my decision.  For the past two weeks I have been torn between two candidates; ultimately, I voted for the person who I thought could help me best.

Reading the papers this morning, once again I am pleased to read of the investment being made by the private sector in Sheffield; if you live in South Yorkshire and have a vested interest in the tech sector you should read this:


it states that local bosses are looking at ways to take a more collaborative approach to building an ecosystem to fuel talent, jobs and revenue growth in the city.  There’s a need to build stronger communities and overall leadership.

Throughout the article, it seems that senior members within the private sector need to work together to elevate the Brand of Sheffield as a tech innovation hub in order to utilise the talent of South Yorkshire.


It’s a bit of a chicken or egg scenario.


Local leaders are crying out for senior level people within the private sector but don’t have the positions to entice them.  What concerns me is the knock-on effect to investment and commitment to those graduating and wanting to pursue a career in the South Yorkshire region.

The future does look promising but is not guaranteed and should not be taken for granted.  There appears to be a need for a voice to lead the charge to not only put Sheffield on the map but to transcend other major hubs to becoming a true leader in innovation

Unlike the public sector, you cannot get up at 7am in the morning to cast your vote on who this should be.  I really hope that the senior leaders of South Yorkshire can continue the good work being done and to find a common voice in taking Sheffield to the next level.

I have met some amazing graduates helping to develop their personal brand; they are full of dreams and hope and wouldn’t it be great if they could pursue a career here.  It would benefit us all.

Have a great day everyone 

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