Be more like Neo and develop your Personal Brand … the what, why, and how

So I was speaking to a student over the weekend, her name is Holly who is graduating later this year from Hallam University as she eventually wants to become a Teacher but hasn’t a clue as where to start.  To add to this, she is keen to go travelling and wants to gain some industry-specific work experience in Australia. Is this possible?

Holly’s story echo’s that of many students and graduates I have spoken to and worked with and can therefore empathise with her frustration.  It also got me thinking … what she is going through is similar to that of Neo in the film ‘The Matrix’.


Is there a magic formula for students and graduates?

Well just like Neo, students and graduates have two options:

  • Take the red pill, wake up tomorrow and invest in yourself by developing your Personal Brand
  • Do what 99% of students and graduates do and take the blue pill, wake up tomorrow and continue to live in a fantasy land doing what everyone else does and hoping for the best

So what is a Personal Brand and why work on it?

I recently watched an interesting Ted Talks episode by millennial entrepreneur Tai Tran who was named the youngest Forbes 30 Under 30 and LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing and Advertising and if you have 10 minutes to spare, I recommend taking a look:

Here Tai defines Personal Brand as “The intersection of perception and reality”

A bit like Neo in the Matrix (or even for recent graduates actually) if you take a Personal Brand not developed by yourself, this will become your new reality.

Put simply, a Personal Brand is people marketing themselves and their careers.

Why work on your Personal Brand?

Well the problem is it’s a numbers game.

There has been a steady growth of graduates over the past decade with now a reported 14m graduates in the UK workforce.  Furthermore there has been a record number of first-class degrees awarded last year.  So we now have more and more people with the same qualifications applying for the same jobs with the same salary expectations … all very predictable

Whilst some may argue that the unemployment rate is decreasing, I recently screened and interviewed a Law graduate for a role paying £9/hour; only just above the minimum wage.  I can assure you this is not a glitch in the Matrix, rather today’s reality!

So for my friend Holly, how is she going to compete with everyone, when they have the same qualifications all going for the same positions?

What’s the answer?

The red pill – The all-important HOW

Technology has massively changed, which has resulted in a shift in influence.  It is said that an individual gets more than 500% engagement sharing a brand message than a company, and on average an employee has 10 times more followers than their company does on social media.

This provides the gateway where you wake up from the Matrix, position yourself and unlock opportunities through the understanding that people buy from people.   

By leveraging technology and sharing your backstory; you will breathe life into your Personal Brand where your motivations and passion will get you noticed and grow your network / influence.

I am pleased Holly is wanting to gain work-experience whilst travelling and I am providing her the tools and platform to promote herself and build her networks abroad through social media.  This experience will be invaluable for Holly moving forward, and will help her stand out from the rest.

Interested in learning more?

I have screened thousands of applications over the years and have first hand experience knowing what works well and what doesn’t.

Like Morpheus in The Matrix’, I can “show you how deep the rabbit hole goes” and help to develop your Personal Brand.  I encourage you to get in touch now to learn more about the tools I have created for you.

Have a great day everyone.

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