As traffic begins to increase, are you finding your application stuck in a traffic jam?

Now that a roadmap has been created, job opportunities will appear, and applications will begin to pile up.

Want to stand out?

Don’t use your resume as a checklist of your career, rather invigorate it as a forward-looking marketing tool.

When promoting your career, don’t list how many miles you have done, sell the journey you have been on.

Sound difficult?

Not when you use the C.A.R technique. 🚘

🔧 For each of the roles you have held:

· Focus on the challenges you faced.
· The action you took to address the problem.
· What the results were.

For example:

  • Focussed team efforts on under performing markets by analyzing key data and trends. Explored opportunities and introduced new platforms, which resulted in a 20% increase in sales for the year.
  • Took the initiative to organize a black-tie gala at college. Galvanized a team of six students to run the event and secure raffle prizes from local businesses. Researched bands in the local area and negotiated a reduced fee. The event was a success, and over $2,000 was raised for charity.

🏁 This approach will give your resume more torque and help you cross the finish line first.

Have you given your resume an oil change?

Please share your examples of effective CAR statements.

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