Create a powerful LinkedIn Profile

Use the following tips to ACE your LinkedIn Profile about section

A powerful about section hooks the reader within the first two lines. It should be so captivating, that they feel compelled to read more.

A powerful about section tells the reader about the types of problems you solve while also sharing some detail about what makes you tick and be successful. It also hooks the reader within the first two lines and compels you to want to keep reading.  

You want to tell a story about what you have done but also who you are. What motivates you? What makes you stand apart from your peers? This is an opportunity to give a glimpse of the person behind the results.

Use bulleted lists of short sentences, preferably highlighting your relevant professional accomplishments, quantified if possible to demonstrate your positive impact.

How do you write a powerful about section?

Think ACE – Authentic, Captivating, Effective

– Demonstrate your purpose by stating your WHY. State why is it that you do what you do.

– Demonstrate your value by showcasing problems that you solve. Be sure to address needs, which are relevant to your target audience.

– Demonstrate your impact by reinforcing your solutions with measurable results.

For example if you work in pharma “When pharma companies need sales strategy and leadership to drive transformation, turnaround, launch new products or markets, or catapult teams from good to great – I am brought in.”

Good luck and take care,

Dave Crumby

Founder, Sheffield Talent Solutions

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