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200 Job offers

Since 2018, we have secured more than 200 new job offers and promotions

10 Years in business

We bring real life practical advice based on 10 years experience supporting Fortune 500 companies

800 Coaching hours

Helping good people have great careers

Active in over 20 countries

We have secured offers and promotions for professionals located across Europe and North America

1700 Interview Hours

We have spent over 1700 hours on interview training

26000 résumés screened

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Branding made personal

Supporting your future with personal & career branding solutions

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Dave Crumby, Founder

“If you don’t write your story, someone else decides how it ends”

✔️ Certified Leadership and Management Consultant

✔️ 10 years supporting the talent strategy for start ups, SME, and Fortune 500 companies

✔️ Internationally recognised career coach

From 2017 – 2018 I partnered with a company in Sheffield, UK and was responsible for supplying blue collar workers.

Their applications had a profound impact on me.  Some CVs were handwritten, some CVs were typed, but all in capital, bold, and underlined, and others used an online system that formatted them terribly.

That made me think … our local job seekers need help.

So, I founded Sheffield Talent Solutions to support local blue-collar workers and began to upskill myself.  I went on a journey of discovery – learning everything about personal branding, career branding, career development, and career coaching.

I read every book I could, attended numerous courses, attended workshops, and followed leaders in career development.  I then combined that with my 10 years of experience recruiting for companies ranging from start up to Fortune 500 companies.

This helped me to empower countless people to attain paid jobs across South Yorkshire.

Then Covid hit.

The world went remote, and our international network of professionals needed help too.  They were being made redundant and had to adapt to survive.

We had to support a bigger audience and offer more modern solutions.

We began to support job seekers in Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Relying purely on word of mouth, the company’s reputation continues to grow internationally.

We are now active in 20 countries across Europe and North America.

What’s next?

We cannot predict the future, but what we do today will prepare us for tomorrow.

We will continue to learn and share what we know so that you can take control of your career.

We will grow our international community of like-minded professionals who share and engage with exciting new ideas that position us to empower more professionals to take control of their careers and achieve their career goals.

Let’s go!

Take ownership of your career

Empowering your future with our career development solutions

If you don't write your story, someone else decides how it ends

Take control today

Request a discovery consultation.

Become more self-aware

Together, we explore your WHY and what makes you GREAT!

Land your dream job

We show you how to take control and pursue a great career

Bring your story to life and showcase it to the world

Combining proven techniques with real-world applications

Client Testimonials

A partnership approach

Taking the risk and stress out of your talent strategy.

Our aim is to be the first port of call for any talent-related challenge and become recognised as a leader in talent-related solutions.

We live in an ever increasingly complex world; yet, If you cannot provide a simple solution, you do not understand the challenge. That is why we take the gut-instinct out of talent-related decisions and replace it with scientific reasoning.

We simplify your talent needs by leveraging 60 years of talent so that you can make the best decisions for your company’s future.

Showing good people how to do great things
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Seeing you SUCCEED is my mission. ​What’s yours?
I am here for you teaching you career literacy techniques and ​providing the lifetime skills, time and positive mindset to move forward. ​I help you find the next step that is the right fit for you.

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