Didn’t make the cut but the boots are still ready Steve – 3 tips from The All Blacks to get that promotion

For any of the readers who aren’t a Kiwi, us bros, fellas, and usos every year watch and listen to the All Black squad announcement grasping on that wee bit of hope that you might hear your name called out when the selectors name the squad.   I have worked with a number of sales-based companies over the years and recognition for your hard work and dedication is always nice.  But what about the recognition when it really matters?

For some, promotion comes easy whilst for others it seems like there is a conspiracy against them and there are macro-economic factors limiting their succession plans.

My favourite book for some years now is Legacy, by James Kerr, which provides a unique inside look into the most successful sporting team in the world (back to back world champs btw) and principles you can apply to everyday life and your career.

If you commute to work, please download the book for your phone, it’s the perfect pick me up when you miss out on that seat and have to stand for an hour.

If you don’t have time here’s a few of my takeaways to help with that promotion.

Tip number 1 – Stay humble and sweep the sheds

My favourite part of the book is reading about the leadership group sticking behind after a game to clean up after everyone has left including newbies.  The All Blacks have a “no dickheads policy”, and they epitomise the notion of deserving that spot/promotion.

There’s no room for an ego at work.  If you want that promotion, go out and get it!! 

Don’t tell me show me!!

Tip number 2 – Champions do extra

Former All Black Brad Thorn’s mantra is ‘Champions Do Extra’, which simply means finding incremental ways to do more – in the gym, on the field, or for the team.  When I (use to) hit the gym, I would always have my All Blacks top on whilst training and when I got tired, I would look in the mirror and say an All Black wouldn’t quit, an All Black would do another set.

Before demanding that promotion, you have to show/demonstrate why you deserve that promotion.  Go the extra mile.

Tip number 3 – Leave the jersey in a better place

When you become an All Black, you quickly realise it’s just the start.  You are responsible to those who have come before – Colin Meads, Buck Shelford, Michael Jones, Jonah Lomu etc.  Understanding this responsibility creates a sense of higher purpose. It’s a good lesson for us all: if we play a bigger game, we play a more effective game.

Better people make better All Blacks – but they also make better doctors and lawyers, bankers and businessmen, fathers, brothers, and friends.”

Nuff said!!

I can talk about sport all day so if you fancy a chat, you can find me on Eccy Rd in Portland House most Fridays and Saturdays.  If you want that promotion and need that spark, contact me now to arrange a Consultation.

Good luck to the bros, fellas, and usos  selected, we are all behind you.

Have a great day everyone,


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